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In our offer you will find KL-MW series pre-washers. For heavily soiled materials, we offer pre-washers in a tandem system (2 x 5.5kW). Our equipment is subject to general and special safety regulations and complies with CE requirements.

Pre-washers are used for washing most heavily soiled and crushed plastic waste such as PP and PVC packaging, PET bottles, LLDPE films, household chemical waste, and they are most often used at the next recycling stage after milling and crushing. The pre-washers we offer are low in energy consumption (5.5 kW), simple to operate and reliable devices that can be configured into a more effective pre-wash – cascade system (tandem) (2 x 5.5 kW). Thanks to special construction, the washers are characterized by high resistance to natural wear.

Table of configuration of pre-cleaners for plastics
ModelModel Motor power [kW]Foil washing capacity [kg/h]Milling washing capacity [kg/h]
KL-MW/5005,56001 500

Plastics subjected to grinding and crushing are often heavily contaminated and loaded with foreign matter. Well-designed washing technology effectively separates abrasive materials and prepares the material for all subsequent processes.