Washing / Drying

Technological lines for PP and PE waste washing ensure preparation of heavily and moderately soiled materials for further recycling process. The technologically advanced washing equipment we offer is tailored to individual customer needs.

Humidity level 6%
Energy saving
Individual 3D project
Less water consumption

Shredding / Crushing

Waste shredding is one of the steps in plastics recycling. Our machines are produced in many configurations and are used to shred different waste materials. They are adapted to shred the material into different fractions.

Capacity 2000KG/H
Energy saving
Online parameters view
Warranty service

Granulation peripherals

We manufacture granulation systems and other peripherals that are part of plastic recycling process lines.

Granulation / Extrusion

We offer technologically advanced complete lines for plastics granulation designed according to the customer's needs. We provide comprehensive solutions and support in the configuration of machines. Innovative technologies of our recycling systems guarantee the highest level of user comfort and equipment efficiency.


Our offer includes imported machines and whole production lines for plastics processing. Thanks to wide contacts developed over many years, we deliver machines and equipment at very reasonable prices, offering our customers comprehensive services including: consulting on machine selection, machine installation at customer's site, start-up and training of operators as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

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