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Extruder gearboxes

Helical gearboxes (with 2 pairs of spur gears) with thrust bearing are the most common type of gearbox used in single screw extruders where the gearbox drive has been adapted to the needs of high power motors using motor connection extensions for each gearbox size.

Gearboxes are available as IEC flange applications for asynchronous electric motor or as reducer with solid shaft on input. As standard, extruder gearboxes have the option of an oil cooler.

For existing and potential customers, we offer helical gearboxes of renowned Italian brands (with reduction gear ratio from 6.3 to 28), with a wide range of sizes (from 100 to 450) and kinematic gear arrangements.

Helical gearmotors are drive units that replace conventional drive systems consisting of a motor and several gears, couplings, etc. In helical gearmotors, all elements of the drive, speed reduction, torque transmission, etc. are contained in a single housing, which, together with the small size of these devices, is their greatest advantage.