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Granulation systems

The day-to-day operation of the granulation system involves checking the condition and size of the granules and correcting their cut. The use of adjustable pneumatic pressure of the cutting knives on the head makes it possible to set the appropriate cutting gap, which allows obtaining the required size of granules. Besides, the expected product appearance is also achieved by regular inspection and replacement of the cutting knives.

Optionally, the water jacketed granulation system can be equipped with a control cabinet. In addition, the granulation system is standardized by the manufacturer for connection to other types of Koltex PRS filter equipment. We also make calibration heads for granulation (cutting) systems at the head to the customer’s order. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of water jacketed granulation systems including KL-SGR series devices.

The advantages of water jacketed granulation (cutting) systems include:

high efficiency;
pneumatic pressure of the set of cutting knives to the head;
easy replacement of knives;
sliding housing on guides;
compatibility with extruders and screen changers;
Can be equipped with a control cabinet.

Water-jacketed granulation (cutting) systems are used for granulating:

a wide range of polymeric materials of lower and medium MFI type: PP, PE, PS, ABS, soft PVC, masterbatch.

  • Technical specifications
Table of configurations of shell granulation (cutting) systems
ModelWydajność [kg/h]Długość [mm]Szerokość [mm]Wysokość [mm]Moc pompy cyrkulacji wody [kW]Waga systemu [kg]
KL-SGR/600do 7501400 (1000)12106302,2180
KL-SGR/1300750 – 13001650 (1250)141012003,0250

We produce systems for granulation (cutting) in water jacket granulation systems with the output up to 600 kg/h and up to 2000 kg/h. The systems have pneumatically adjustable pressure of knives to the head, which prolongs their life. Applied raw materials: PE PP PS ABS, soft PVC. Under the customer’s order we also make calibrating heads for granulation systems (cutting) at the head.